Ebrahim Kanoo

"Ekanoo Outlaw Supra"

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Make / Model Toyota Supra (MKIV)
Chassis / Suspension Type full tube chassis
Transmission Liberty
Clutch Brand / Model unknown
Rear Gear 3.73
Coilover Brand / Model unknown
Brakes strange
Axles unknown
Driveshaft unknown
Engine Model 2JZ-GTE
Engine Spec stock
Head & Valvetrain
Head Spec stock
Turbo Setup
Turbo Type single
Turbo Size 98mm
Turbo Brand / Model Precision
Exhaust Manifold unknown
Wastegate Size 46mm
Number of Wastegates 2
Intercooler Brand / Size unknown
Exhaust Size 5.0 inch
Fuel System
Fuel Pump mechanical
Number of Fuel Pumps 1
Injector Size 2300cc
Injector Brand unknown
Other Details
Engine Management motec
Intake Manifold Brand unknown
Air Conditioning no
Power Steering no
Owner's Comments

this car was added by 2JZPOWER. all details may not correct or provided. Ekanoo can contact me and i'll correct this