We lost almost all car photos due to a server crash. If you have a car on here, please re-upload your pics!
We lost almost all car photos due to a server crash. If you have a car on here, please re-upload your pics!


I'm having trouble or have a suggestion for the site, how can I get help?
Use the contact page, and send a message detailing your issue. If you have a suggestion we like to hear feedback! Is your car make/model missing? What chart do we need to add?


Why do you only allow submissions with video?
Video is the best and only REAL way to verify that a timeslip/dyno is legitimate. Anyone can go to google images and steal a picture of a timeslip or dyno chart. We only allow YouTube videos as it is the most common and free service out there. If you want you timeslip up here, as the saying goes "Video or it didn't happen"


Why did the timeslip/dyno I CREATED not show up in the charts yet?
Every timeslip has to be approved by an administrator to make sure it is legitimate. 2JZ POWER does not accept incomplete or incorrect timeslips or dyno charts. Every submission must have a youtube video. You will recieve an email when your content has been approved.


Why does the timeslip/dyno I CHANGED not appear the charts?
Every time you edit or change a timeslip/dyno it has to be re-approved. Otherwise a person could put in a slow time, and once approved change that to a faster time and "hack" the system. Every change must be approved. We try and approve these submissions as quickly as possible. 


What are the requirements to post a timeslip or dyno?
Basically all you need to have is a car with a 2JZ, 1JZ, or 1.5JZ engine, and a valid youtube video url. You first add your car, and plug in all its details. After you add your car you can post timeslips and dynos. And remember, your car does not have to be the fastest or most powerful car out there, this is a great place to track your build's progress. So you can post a timeslip this year, and then next year post an improvement. The charts are "smart" enough to only pull in the fastest pass for each car. The same is true with dyno charts, the charts will only pull in the most powerful chart.


How can I get my car featured?
2JZPOWER featured cars are top notch, interesting, and creative builds. Not only that but we need you to write up a nice article, include lots of pictures, and make sure the car looks worthy of being on the homepage of the site. First step, add your car to the site, fill in all the details, and add a bunch of pictures. Next step, add a dyno, timeslip, or standing mile. If you don't have those, I might make an exception if its a really awesome build. Last, under the account menu, click "Request Feature" to start the application process. Good luck!