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We lost almost all car photos due to a server crash. If you have a car on here, please re-upload your pics!

Chris Johnson

1392 RWHP, 229 MPH Mile, 8.49 @ 172

From The Owner

Being a die hard Buick Grand National guy, this was the first supra I had ever worked on and was built in a stereo shop. It had belonged to a friend, I bought it soon after. I currently have had for 15 years. It's very special to me because it was a start of building a pretty reputable business( Boost Logic) from this car. I will probably never sell it.

It started as a perfect street car(74mm) to a Dyno queen and drag car (91mm) then back to a useable street car(76mm). In it's 91mm days it used for advertising for our Boost Logic parts and services. SW decided to try to take it down the track ended with 8.4 @ 174 after many attempts and track rentals. Car is now back to a street car and fun to drive again.

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One of the first RPS single cars in the country. One of a few cars to run a 10 sec pass years ago. It sparked to old "Texas vs Arizona" debates. Won one of the early TX2k Dyno competitions with 1400+ rwhp in front of hundreds of people. 200 rwhp over the next highest. It achieved 230 mph in the standing mile (Texas Mile). Held the record for some time. Also held the record for the quickest 6 psd supra in the 1/4 mile.

Built the car originally to beat SW with his corvettes and vipers on the streets of Austin. Later on, be a shop car for Boost Logic and Performance Motorsports. It met and exceeded every goal that we went after during that time. It was not easy and made those special goals even better.


Performance Motorsports, Boost Logic, Tuning Concepts, SW, and Supraforums.

Make / Model Toyota Supra (MKIV)
Chassis / Suspension Type factory IRS
Transmission Getrag 6-Speed (V160)
Clutch Brand / Model Tilton
Rear Gear 3.13
Coilover Brand / Model HKS drag
Brakes stock na
Axles stock
Driveshaft modified stock
Engine Model 2JZ-GTE
Engine Spec built
Engine Builder Performance Motorsports
Displacement 3.4 liters
Compression Ratio 10.0 : 1
Crank billet
Main Caps billet
Oil Pump modified factory
Concrete Fill no
Piston Brand CP
Rods Brand Carrillo
Head & Valvetrain
Head Spec built
Cam Type aftermarket
Cam Size 280
Cam Brand HKS
Head Port race
Porting Work By local machine shop
Valve Size +1mm
Shimless Buckets yes
Turbo Setup
Turbo Type single
Turbo Size 91mm
Turbo Brand / Model Garrett
Exhaust Manifold Boost Logic
Wastegate Size 60mm
Number of Wastegates 1
Intercooler Brand / Size Boost Logic T6
Exhaust Size 5.0 inch
Fuel System
Fuel Pump Weldon
Number of Fuel Pumps 1
Injector Size 1600cc
Injector Brand Precision Turbo
Other Details
Engine Management AEM ver 1
Intake Manifold Brand Performance Motorsports
Air Conditioning yes
Power Steering yes
Owner's Comments