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Chris Miller

1100+ Horsepower MKIV Toyota Supra

From The Owner

With my early turbo years in a Saturn Sky, I quickly realized a nimble roadster had its place, but was never going to fill the shoes of a big turbo car like a 2jz. I promptly bought my built 2jz engine from Georgia from a member parting out a project. This was originally built by Brandon Bachtel who now works at Top Speed Motorsports. Brandon was helpful in the sale and gave me peace of mind when I got it. In the following months, I kept eyeing a Supra shell, but none fit the bill. I finally ended up talking with Rob Dougherty and picked up his shell after Hurricane Sandy flooded the vehicle. This shell was under salt water for some time. This meant everything in the car was suspect. Little to nothing worked, so I began the long process of the "first build." I ended up with some wiring gremins which I took to Sound performance. Larry was able to sort his way though the car and get it to fire up. The car made 1006whp with a leak at the intake manifold. I used the car for the remainder of that 2013 season and the car was put away in the fall. During the winter of 2013, I decided it was time to take the car to the next level. I put an 88mm turbo on, new intake manifold, and had Larry turn it up. Unfortunately, the car was limited by fueling capacity, so it only produced 1103whp on their dyno in March of 2014. The Dyno revealed that the car had a large smoking issue and was burning oil. After some diagnosis in May, I found that the rings in the motor were worn out, so it was time for an overhaul. I was somewhat defeated I lost interest in the car until later in the year. Finally in August of 2014 I took the engine to Canton Automotive Machine Service, and we began to put a plan to get the engine back and better than before. Different rings and a half filled block to ensure main bearing life would last for a while longer. I was able to get the engine back and into the car in September 2014. However this re-install found a mysterious oil leak from the rear of the motor. Apparently I had not torqued the new rear Galley plugs and was getting a dribble out the rear. So the car was torn apart again, and the issue was remedied. I was able to put some dyno miles on the car to help seal the new engine in late 2014. Pro Car Associates located in Akron were very helpful with installing some NHRA safety gear as well as the dyno service. The car was then taken to Aman's Collision in Canton where they did an excellent job restoring the paint and repairing old flaws on the car. It finally looked like a proper supra, and I was ecstatic to get it back. I have since been doing local dyno days and starting to dial in the car at the track. Its had only a few runs due to my limited free time, but I have been making good progress along the way. Check out my youtube/facebook/instagram pages for current updates on the car. www.youtube.com/miller11386 www.facebook.com/ChrisMillerSupra www.instagram.com/Chris_Miller_Supra

Mods... Well there are tons. I chose my modifications to make a firm, sorted, drag capable chassis. Engine Build 3.0L By CAMS 40 over Ferrea valve train PnP Head Half filled block (Hard-Blok) JE "Vinny Ten Spec" Pistons Carrillo Rods ACL Race Bearings Stock Crank ATI balancer Stock water pump OEM timing belt Titan Billet Timing tensioner Bracket SRT Digital Crank and Cam position sensors Crane high lift cams (Custom grind from Batlground) Turbo Kit Precision 8889 BPA custom intercooler hard piping (one piece) Race part solution Clamps at turbo and Intake mani. SP Racing intake manifold NX direct port nitrous system (150 shot for spool only) SP Racing 5" Race intercooler Drivetrain Tilton Triple Carbon clutch Tilton Slave cylinder and Hydraulic Throw out bearing Twins turbo Tilton master cyl adaptor kit for the Supra Chassis 100% Bone stock V160 transmission with Royal Purple synchromesh fluid Drive shaft shop Chrome moly driveshaft Drive Shaft shop Billet couplers Large 6 speed 220mm Differential with Toyota 3.13 gear set Strange Spool Majestic Motorsports Billet Rear differential cover Drive shaft shop upgraded Axles and hubs Extended ARP studs on rear wheels Powerhouse racing Billet aluminum mounts. Differential and subframe Powerhouse Racing Rear Diff weld in steel mounts Wheels and tires Drag pack: Weld Racing alumastar 2.0 Black anodized wheels M&H Racemaster front runners Mickey Thompson 10.5 S ET Drag Slicks Street Tires: CCW LM20 with Powdercoated center sections and ARP hardware M&H Drag Radials 315/45/R17 out back Hankook Ventus 235/40/R17 front tires Fuel System: 3 Denso 300 fuel pumps in tank Titan Triple Fuel pump hanger Aeroquip -10 lines Titan Fuel Rail FIC 2150 injectors (6 injectors) Aeromotive Regulator Flex fuel sensor Stock return line Engine Management ProEFI 128 Tuned by Larry Prebis Flex Fuel sensor Color CAN gauge CAN interface cable Traction Control Switch Rolling Antilag setup Scramble boost setup Stock Engine harness. Interior TRD 10k Tach 93-96 interior panels EVO 9 Recaro seats with Suede inserts and red stitching Stock Black Carpet in the front. Carpet removed in the rear. Safety 6 point cage Simpson Parachute Jegs Driveshaft loop Custom Blow down nitrous tubes exiting under the car Hurst Line Lock Cody Phillips Racing Aluminum Belly pan

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My first build was not a whole lot different than the second. Only large changes were the Tilton clutch, (had HKS triple) the SP intake manifold (was a veilside knock off) and the 88mm turbo (was 80mm GT4780) If I had to guess on future changes, I would think a Magnafuel 4703 would be in the works to beef up the fuel system as well as an automatic transmission after I have either achieved my goals with the 6 speed, or I give up on those goals.

Honestly I have had a lot of influences over the years. Many via youtube and some in person. Some of those would be Don Summerton, Cody Phillips, Ryan Woon, Jon Prakanis, Jamie Carter, Joel Granns, Geovannie Castillo, Vlad Yevtushenko, Mark Conte, Saad Saad, and SW.


None bit me harder than Joel Grannas's determination to go after the 6 speed record. I will probably never get to his level on the 6 speed front, but its been awesome having him so near to me and be able to use him as a resource of what works as well as watch his progress. Joe and Jenna Fisher have also inspired me to achieve what I can and instilled determination in keeping with my car and the setup. Many long hours and text conversations have been had between myself and Joe. Another great resource in my journey. Alex Linder at BPA autosports has also been a great inspiration and asset along the way. His fabrications skills and ability to solve a problem are second to none. Another great resource that has been local and always willing to help. Other thanks/shout outs Canton Auto Machine Service - A solid motor that keeps on truckin. Pro-Car Associates - Great local shop with excellent customer service SP Racing.. Larry answering any questions that I have with my proefi Don at accelerated for answering all my dumb questions at odd hours Geovannie Castillo/ Mark Conte for helping with any product questions I have and willing to call and discuss all my options.

Make / Model Toyota Supra (MKIV)
Chassis / Suspension Type factory IRS
Transmission Getrag 6-Speed (V160)
Clutch Brand / Model Tilton Triple Carbon
Rear Gear 3.13
Coilover Brand / Model K Sport
Brakes OEM NA
Axles Driveshaft Shop
Driveshaft Driveshaft Shop
Engine Model 2JZ-GTE
Engine Spec built
Engine Builder CAMS
Displacement 3.0 liters
Compression Ratio 9.5 : 1
Crank stock
Main Caps billet
Oil Pump modified factory
Concrete Fill 1/2
Piston Brand JE
Rods Brand Carrillo
Head & Valvetrain
Head Spec built
Cam Type aftermarket
Cam Size 292
Cam Brand Crane
Head Port stock
Valve Size +2mm
Shimless Buckets yes
Turbo Setup
Turbo Type single
Turbo Size 88mm
Turbo Brand / Model Precision 8889
Exhaust Manifold Custom
Wastegate Size 60mm
Number of Wastegates 1
Intercooler Brand / Size Sound Performance 5" race
Exhaust Size 4.0 inch
Fuel System
Fuel Pump Triple Denso 300
Number of Fuel Pumps 2
Injector Size 2150cc
Injector Brand Fuel Injector Clinic
Other Details
Engine Management Pro Efi 128
Intake Manifold Brand Sound Performance
Air Conditioning no
Power Steering yes
Owner's Comments

3.0L 2JZ GTE
Precision 8889
Carillo Rods/JE "Vinney Ten" Pistons
Ferrea +2 Valve Train with shimless buckets
Crane high lift Cams
Custom intercooler piping and 4" exhaust
Pro-Efi 128 Engine Management
E85 Fuel

Custom Fabrication and Welding done by Alex at Boost Performance Autosports http://www.bpautosports.net

Wiring and tuning by Larry at Sound Performance http://www.spracingonline.com