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Danny Falardeau

2JZ Swapped 8 second Valiant

From The Owner

Things started in 98, with DSM's, about 20 of them through the years, ending with a 96 Eclipse. In 2007 it made 789awhp, was constantly launching its drivetrain into the stratosphere, and ran a best of 10.02@149mph. In 2009 after what felt like my 100th attempt at running a 9 second pass, it grenaded the rear diff and I vowed I was done with DSM's forever. Until I got home and pushed it off the trailer, and parked it next to my DD/cruiser car, a 1969 Plymouth Valiant 4 Door with a factory 225cui Slant 6. That's when it hit me, put the 4G63 in the Valiant! No more drivetrain problems. So I did, I finished the project in the winter of 2012, and never did more than a mile with it when I found an old 2JZ online that looked like it had been a boat anchor for the last ten years. I had always wanted a 2JZ and when I got it to the shop I had to see how it fit. So out came the freshly installed 4G63 and the rest is history.

The Mutt was born out of my total frustration of drag racing. I loved racing, but over 10 years of going to the track to get maybe 1 or 2 passes between breakdowns I was done, it was killing my love for the sport. I set out to build above all else, a reliable car, capable of cruising around the streets unnoticed, and could run in the 10's all day. My friend Marty Pauzé helped put the car together with me, and crew chiefs for me wherever we race, as well as keeping me safe. Paul Barber took care of all the chassis and cage work, and made it effortless to drive. Chad Robertson did the mega squirt wiring and initial tuning. And my Mom and Dad, Guy and Diane, took care of the odds and ends, as well as the paint and body. While I'm thanking people, thanks to my lovely wife Céline for putting up with the long hours The machine work was done by Bob at BV Engines it is flawless as usual. The car is a budget build, the engine has nothing more than Wiseco Pistons, Eagle rods, Gsc cams and springs. Transmission is by Rossler, adapter plate by ATF Speed and converter by Coan. Front suspension is by RMS and the rear is now ladder bar. It weighs 3490 pounds race ready. Turbo is from Forced Performance, GT4205HTA, intake and exhaust manifolds are eBays finest. Engine management is MS3-PRO.

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When it debuted in fall of 2013, I blew right through my dream of running reliably in the 10's, in four weekends it had gone 9.23@146. With zero breakage. All of a sudden, 8's seemed like a possibility! 2014 started well, but then we hit a wall. The leaf spring suspension we originally built it with just wasn't letting me go faster, and I got stuck at 9.09 for most of the year, literally 100 passes were made without a single breakage. But trying to add more power was not getting anywhere, and gave the car a hop that made it scary to drive. I then decided the car was ready for a ladder bar rear suspension, Paul converted the car in only two days. That weekend it ran 9.00, but again we hit a wall, it took 20 more passes to get it right, adding some more timing down low helped the 60' and in a few weeks, The Mutt ran its first 8.

2015 started with a bang, The Mutts first breakdown, over 300 passes in a year and a half. The head gasket died. Cluelessly I installed those tiny little ARP supplied head washers when I originally built my engine, they dug into the head casting almost .020" when I took the head off, the nuts loosened up with only a 3/8 ratchet... Not good. So currently the head is at Bob's getting a light port job, shim less buckets and Supertech Valves. I am replacing my single nozzle nitrous kit for a direct port, and we have fit 29" tires to try and get the 60' down. We hope an 8.50 is in the future, while keeping it a full weight street car.


I've already mentioned them but again, none of this would have been possible without Marty Pauzé, Paul Barber, Guy and Diane Falardeau, Chad Robertson, Seb Labelle, my videographer Marc Pauzé, and my girls, Céline, Zoé and Lily. Thanks for your time. Danny Falardeau

Make / Model Plymouth Valiant
Chassis / Suspension Type solid axle/back-half
Transmission TH400
Converter Brand Coan
Converter Stall 4800
Rear Gear 4.1
Coilover Brand / Model QA-1
Brakes Wilwood
Axles Moser
Driveshaft Chrome moly
Engine Model 2JZ-GTE
Engine Spec built
Engine Builder www.hpauto.ca
Displacement 3.0 liters
Compression Ratio 8.3 : 1
Crank stock
Main Caps factory
Oil Pump modified factory
Concrete Fill no
Piston Brand Wiseco
Rods Brand Eagle
Head & Valvetrain
Head Spec built
Cam Type aftermarket
Cam Size 274
Cam Brand Gsc
Head Port stock
Valve Size factory size
Shimless Buckets no
Turbo Setup
Turbo Type single
Turbo Size 76mm
Turbo Brand / Model Forced Performance 4205 HTA
Exhaust Manifold eBay
Wastegate Size 44mm
Number of Wastegates 1
Intercooler Brand / Size Precision
Exhaust Size 4.0 inch
Fuel System
Fuel Pump 044
Number of Fuel Pumps 2
Injector Size 1150cc
Injector Brand FIC
Other Details
Engine Management DIY Autotune MS3-PRO
Intake Manifold Brand eBay KS Racing
Air Conditioning no
Power Steering yes
Owner's Comments

Single dry 120 shot.
Daily driven street car