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We lost almost all car photos due to a server crash. If you have a car on here, please re-upload your pics!

David Varner

Stock Bottom End 2JZ 240sx - 9.27 @ 150 mph

From The Owner

I've always had a strong love for imports. Started with mk3 supra while in high school . Then went to something a little easier to build, a K20 turbo civic, was a fun street car. But, quickly realized if you're on a "budget", going fast in SFWD trim just wasn't for me. Always having the love for Supra's, I wanted to get back in to RWD platform. Opted to try out the nissan s14 chassis.

I built the car to compete locally at couple IFO events running Forced Induction Sport. While also keeping the car in a True Street Trim. Running a 67mm precision and a factory auto, getting this car to make enough steam to be competitive has been a challenge. Never did I want the car to be auto, never has been my thing. But after being on the factory auto. It's really helped make progress quickly. Getting the converter dialed in with the help of FTI, I think i finally have a combination that works. Currently the car has a mild cam package and a stock bottom end. So I'm probably pushing my luck at the power level the car is at.

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Since the car was originally put together I've switched turbos, switched converters, had ATF send me a trans, and possibly changed tire combinations half a dozen times. The biggest improvement was switching from the 74mm garret journal bearing turbo to a Precision 67mm. Everything from the 60 foot out improved by switching to a more efficient charger.

The goal of course is to be as competitive as I can in my class. But really i would like to share the podium with Matt Lennen and Javier@ TRC. Breaking the factory auto record would be amazing, but having a fun street worthy 8 sec car is really what I'm after. I think the car has it in it, we'll see how the rest of the year goes.


Endless companies have helped me out. Jon@zerolift puts up with the most. Hats off to that guy. Zero lift Autolab is a huge supported as well as Rob@TPR. Also can't thank my tuner Dave Blundell enough for the support. ATF speed and FTI for making amazing products. Adam @ S&M motorsports for Fuel and Track support. Just about everything on the car has to be made, Chris@ MASfab has done everything from the manifold to the cage. If it had to be fab'd, he probably made it. Also thanks to Tom @ Fuel Injector Development. So so many more to thank, if I missed you I am sorry!

Make / Model Nissan 240sx
Chassis / Suspension Type factory IRS
Transmission TH400
Converter Brand pro torque
Converter Stall 4500
Rear Gear 3.54
Coilover Brand / Model import drag solutions
Brakes Oem
Axles Oem
Driveshaft Dss
Engine Model 2JZ-GTE
Engine Spec built
Engine Builder self
Displacement 3.0 liters
Compression Ratio 10.0 : 1
Crank stock
Main Caps factory
Oil Pump factory
Concrete Fill no
Piston Brand cp
Rods Brand manley
Head & Valvetrain
Head Spec built
Cam Type aftermarket
Cam Size 272
Cam Brand kelford
Head Port stock
Valve Size factory size
Shimless Buckets yes
Turbo Setup
Turbo Type single
Turbo Size 76mm
Turbo Brand / Model Precision
Exhaust Manifold Masfab
Wastegate Size 44mm
Number of Wastegates 1
Intercooler Brand / Size 4.5" core
Exhaust Size 4.0 inch
Fuel System
Fuel Pump Magnafuel
Number of Fuel Pumps 1
Injector Size 2150cc
Injector Brand Fuel injector Development
Other Details
Engine Management Proefi
Intake Manifold Brand Freddy
Air Conditioning no
Power Steering no
Owner's Comments