August 23, 2018 - THE SITE IS BACK UP! However, we lost almost all car photos. If you have a car on here, please re-upload!
August 23, 2018 - THE SITE IS BACK UP! However, we lost almost all car photos. If you have a car on here, please re-upload!

Steve Vetter

965 Wheel Horsepower Toyota Supra

From The Owner

A Toyota Supra has always been my dream car and I have always been a Toyota guy. My first car was a 1990 Toyota Celica Alltrac Turbo which I sold and purchased my Lexus is300 (now making a little over 400hp). That was my first 2JZ car. I started looking for a Supra in 2010, and found a non turbo automatic car for the right price in Tennessee.

After I bought the car I converted it to a 2JZ-GTE and Getrag 6-speed with the intentions of making a very strong street car. First it was built with a 67mm car to make it friendly on the street. The horsepower bug bit me, and I decided it was time to try and go a lot faster at the track. It has a 76mm turbo and a TH400 transmission. I built the car to be class legal for the Street Fighter class at MDIR Imports vs Domestics.

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The car started as a stock non turbo automatic car. Within a couple months the car was turbo with a 67mm turbo making around 845 hp. Car now sports an Accelerated Performance 3.0 aluminum rod motor. Custom water to air intercooler setup from Masfab. Custom suspension from Swift Racing Technologies. Car is setup for 1/4 mile drag racing.

I have built my car very similar to that of Geovannie Castillo of Real Street after seeing his impressive times. My goal for the car is to run 8.6x in the 1/4 mile. Car only has a handful of test passes on it at this point so the goals have not been met. Currently waiting on a new converter that should help reach that goal very quickly.


I would like to thank several people in the supra community who have helped me to get the car to the point it is now. Tyler for all the wiring, Masfab for all the awesome fab work on the car. Don at Accelerated for the badass powerplant. Swift Racing Technologies for the intercooler, suspension, and intake manifold. Sean at Titan Motorsports, Rob at TPR, and Robert at MVP Motorsports for all their assistance.

Make / Model Toyota Supra (MKIV)
Chassis / Suspension Type factory IRS
Transmission TH400
Converter Brand PTC
Converter Stall 3600
Rear Gear 3.55
Coilover Brand / Model IDS
Brakes Strange
Axles DSS
Driveshaft BTShaft
Engine Model 2JZ-GTE
Engine Spec built
Engine Builder Don @ Accelerated Performance
Displacement 3.0 liters
Compression Ratio 11.0 : 1
Crank stock
Main Caps billet
Oil Pump modified factory
Concrete Fill 3/4
Piston Brand Arias
Rods Brand R&R Aluminum
Head & Valvetrain
Head Spec built
Cam Type aftermarket
Cam Size 280
Cam Brand HKS
Head Port race
Porting Work By Headgames
Valve Size +1mm
Shimless Buckets yes
Turbo Setup
Turbo Type single
Turbo Size 76mm
Turbo Brand / Model Precsion 76/85 gen2
Exhaust Manifold Quicksilver Suprastore
Wastegate Size 44mm
Number of Wastegates 2
Intercooler Brand / Size MasFab custom W2A
Exhaust Size 4.0 inch
Fuel System
Fuel Pump Weldon 2345a
Number of Fuel Pumps 1
Injector Size 2100cc
Injector Brand FIC
Other Details
Engine Management Pro Efi
Intake Manifold Brand Swift Racing Technologies
Air Conditioning no
Power Steering no
Owner's Comments

Car has Custom 8.8 irs Rear End.