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We lost almost all car photos due to a server crash. If you have a car on here, please re-upload your pics!

Taylor DeLosa

MKIV Toyota Supra - 960 RWHP

From The Owner

My car was originally from Texas as an original black 94 TT 6 speed. I purchased it from a middle man in South Carolina that was 11.5 hours south of me. I drove the car home, although it had some slight issues mostly felt like due to poor tuning and a vacuum leak. So I fixed the vacuum leaks, crimped hose going to the in-tank fuel pumps causing it to go lean and sometimes die. Swapped plugs out after having to use a breaker bar to bust them loose. Then the car started spewing coolant after and during every drive. So, I sent the head off to get checked and ported along with a new valve train and cams while doing so. The arp head studs that were in it were forced in and had to be taken out the hard way. It took a few months for the head to get back to me, so while waiting I got alot of things powdercoated, along with L19 studs, a coated exhaust manifold, a catch can system, a Greddy intake manifold, all new cold side piping, an AEM meth kit, HID lights, and a set of GSC s1 cams. In all around $48k worth of parts. Finally got the head back and had to deal with a crazy busy work schedule to find the time to get it on. I worked with 2 very popular supra tuners who weren't that helpful (no names mentioned). Rick Froehlich from DEFIV was more than helpful after speaking to him in person. I have not spent a dime at this point and he did several maps and adjustments to get me going.

After the car still was spewing coolant, I changed the radiator to a large koyo unit and the thermostat to a lower temp one. still coolant problems plagued me. finally found a small leak from the heater core causing this. got the car fixed after 36hrs of no sleep and took off for Ricks Shop at DEFIV for a tune. after a few pulls the alternator in the car went. i decided to leave the car there and pick it up when its all done. After the dealership first shipping the wrong alternator, the right one came. At this point I've put maybe 50miles on the supra since bringing it home. A few days later I get a call that the engine made a noise while doing a pull. I decided it was best to pull the engine and rebuild it now. While pulling the engine Rick discovered the previous middle man i bought the car off of who supposedly fixed the car from a spun bearing; installed a piston backwards, appeared to have run the car with no oil, the bearings were toast, oil pump toast, and crank was toast. I put 500 or so miles on the car and now was again forced to pull the engine and rebuild it due to an unforeseen issue. Some of the new engine mods are yet to be determined along with a new turbo setup.

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old engine: new oil pump new crank BC rods upgraded rod bolts CP pistons Ported head shimless buckets GSC springs/retainers fererra valve guides/seals gsc s1 cams BC cam gears oem toyota gaskets Motec M130 with GPR software Drive by wire system designed and tuned by DEFIV Custom DEFIV full milspec wiring harness Motec dash lights Motec race grade coils SAAD racing coil bracket FID 2150cc injectors fuel lab regulator walbro 450 pumps greddy intake manifold drive by wire throttle body ets piping ETS 5" intercooler tial 50mm bov PTE gen 2 6870 (old turbo) ETS exhaust mani tial 44mm and a turbosmart 40mm gate RSP turbo blanket 3" turbo back HKS ti catback Nitrous express 75shot fogger system wade hill custom catch can xxr 18" wheels Tein coilovers Car was originally a 6766 car with aem v2, "rebuilt" stock internals. only mods that stayed the same were the wheels, coilovers, exhaust mani that was modded, and fmic.

A car that i can drive 6hrs to the track race it hang out for the day/weekend and drive home without more than changing the tires and or fuel. the car does run on e85 now Roll racing 1/2 mile racing and Drag racing


I can never thank Rick from DEFIV enough. I would never recommend anyone with a supra to anyone else defivfab@gmail.com

Make / Model Toyota Supra (MKIV)
Chassis / Suspension Type factory IRS
Transmission Getrag 6-Speed (V160)
Clutch Brand / Model OS Giken/ Quad
Rear Gear
Coilover Brand / Model tein
Brakes slotted
Axles stock
Driveshaft Titan CF
Engine Model 2JZ-GTE
Engine Spec built
Engine Builder DEFIV/ me
Displacement 3.0 liters
Compression Ratio 10.5 : 1
Crank stock
Main Caps billet
Oil Pump modified factory
Concrete Fill 1/4
Piston Brand CP
Rods Brand Manley
Head & Valvetrain
Head Spec built
Cam Type aftermarket
Cam Size 2
Cam Brand GSC
Head Port mild/street
Porting Work By Titan
Valve Size factory size
Shimless Buckets yes
Turbo Setup
Turbo Type single
Turbo Size 82mm
Turbo Brand / Model Forced inductions
Exhaust Manifold ETS
Wastegate Size 44mm
Number of Wastegates 2
Intercooler Brand / Size ETS 5"
Exhaust Size 4.0 inch
Fuel System
Fuel Pump walbro 485's
Number of Fuel Pumps 3
Injector Size 2350cc
Injector Brand ID
Other Details
Engine Management Motec m1
Intake Manifold Brand Greddy
Air Conditioning yes
Power Steering yes
Owner's Comments

Just building a streetable track car capable of driving to and from the track.